Articles and Working Papers

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Pandemic: An Open Source Simulation of Millions of People Highlighting Testing, Commuting, Density and Compliance (article)

A Fundamental Theorem for Epidemiology (article)

obits of symmetric group

Modeling the Term Structure of a Pandemic with Negative Interest Rates (article)






Herd Immunity is a Mirage. Why You Can't Use 1/R to Predict the Outcome of a Pandemic. (article)


Dear New Zealand: Here's a simulation of 4.8 million citizens moving about spreading a virus - it runs on a laptop (article)

Backdraft. How a small change to a COVID-19 model admits a new, explosive possibility (paper) (article)

Got Milk? On Homogenization and Survival Probability (article) (working paper)


A Parable About A Run on Log Paper (article) (working paper)

Alien Number

How Population Shape Tilts Your Odds of Getting COVID-19 (article)(working paper)


population shape